Craig Cowan

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Meet Craig

Craig Cowan is a dedicated real estate agent focused on helping families build wealth through real estate. His own real estate journey began when his rental apartment caught fire and was completely burned. After losing his home and possessions, he began researching how he could qualify for a mortgage to purchase his first home. It was after this experience that Craig realized he was passionate about finding great real estate investments for others. Today, Craig has purchased and sold numerous primary, investment, and vacation homes as well as rehabilitation projects.

Craig purchased an 11-acre mini farm in Wilson County where he raises his children and practices sustainable living. When not selling real estate, you can find Craig on the farm with his daughters, golfing, hiking Tennessee trails, practicing yoga, listening to live music, and finding ways to give back to his community. His natural servant’s heart steers his motivations towards helping others and maintaining practices that keep their best interest in front more than anything else. His personal motto is, “When other people come first, success will follow.” With philanthropy close to the Cowan family’s heart, their mission is to take care of housing needs of the families of our military’s fallen, and military veterans in need.

Craig moved to Nashville from his hometown in Chicago, Illinois where he was a licensed cosmetologist and nationally recognized for his achievements. He comes from four generations of professionals in the beauty industry. His work in the family business gave him many of the skills and attributes he uses today.